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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

The Flourish, May 2024

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Flourish Together

Let's embrace May by joining together to raise awareness about mental health, reduce the stigma, share support, and foster a flourishing culture at Stanford University. This month, we invite you to join in our Flourish Together movement!

Read on to learn more about Flourish Together and how you can get involved this May. Plus, take a closer look at the work that went into creating Flourish Stories, a traveling exhibit featuring diverse student experiences on finding hope, healing, resilience, and joy through their mental health journeys. We also share ways to cultivate flourishing in your own life, including a checklist to become a Flourisher today! Let us #flourishtogether this May and beyond.

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Featured Student Story

Basking in the Summer Feels

As you wrap up the quarter, you may feel overjoyed that the academic year is complete yet struggling to transition into summer. Discover ways to acknowledge all of your feels and learn healthy ways to take care of yourself during this time. Wishing you a summer of rest, rejuvenation, and continued flourishing!

Flourish Stories image collage featuring photos of students who've shared their stories. Credit: Andre Brodhead
Featured Student Story

Sharing Flourish Stories

Student Affairs and University Communications has put together Flourish Stories, a traveling art exhibit, that honors Stanford students who courageously share their mental health journeys. Through interacting with these stories, we hope our community can come together and foster a culture of hope, healing, resilience, and joy with mental health.

In Focus

Flourish Together This May!

Whether you are looking to better care for your mind, or manage a mental illness, this month is all about discovering the tips and resources to nurture your mental health and well-being and move towards flourishing. As a refresher, flourishing means to thrive and experience growth, fulfillment, and happiness in various aspects of your life. Read on to learn more about the amazing work Student Affairs and University Communications have done to help you flourish! #flourishtogether

How is Life Tree(ting) You?

How Do I Know if I’m Flourishing?

Ok, you’re a loyal follower of The Flourish so you know that flourishing is made up of some combination of functioning well, feeling well, and being well…but what do those things actually mean? How do I know if I’m flourishing? Is my flourishing unique to me, or do we all flourish in exactly the same ways? This month, let’s start with feelings.

In the Spotlight

Get Involved with Flourish Together!

Come Flourish Together with us this May as we celebrate a month-long series of events and publications to raise awareness about mental health, reduce stigma, and share support hosted by Student Affairs and University Communications. Plus, discover ways to improve your own mental health and well-being through May and beyond!

Tip of the Month

How to Become a Flourisher

"The Flourisher’s Checklist" is a handpicked list of actions and habits designed to boost your well-being and help you connect meaningfully with others on campus. From subscribing to The Flourish, practicing daily self-care, to joining vibrant community activities—each step is a building block towards becoming a true Flourisher. Dive into the checklist to start flourishing today!

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The Flourish

This online publication is your monthly guide to flourishing on the Farm. The Flourish provides you with tips, articles, and resources on key monthly health and wellness topics to support your mental health and well-being.