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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

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Basking in the Summer Feels

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Summertime can hold all kinds of different feelings. Some may be going back home, traveling, or transitioning into a new workplace. This can bring up sadness, joy, fear, anxiety, overwhelm, etc… Know that these feelings are normal and you are not alone. You can still feel overjoyed that the academic year is over while struggling to manage the transition out of college. As you head into this summer remember to be gentle and care for yourself as you adjust

It can be helpful to identify and utilize the resources available to you, such as a friend from college or a family member, who can support you as you navigate any challenges the summer may bring. Whether you are taking space away from the busy Stanford environment or entering another busy environment, be sure to take time to slow down and recharge. The pressures to achieve and do well can often make taking this time off very challenging, but taking time to recharge actually helps us be more productive, show up better, and most importantly enjoy life more. Summer looks different for everyone, and we hope you find flourishing this summer whatever your circumstances may be. 

Here are some tips as you head into the summer:

  1. Prepare yourself for potential challenges. While life can sometimes be unpredictable, if you know yourself and the things that trigger you well enough you can do some preparing. Take some time to reflect on what these things are.
  2. Make a self-care plan, and list all the ways you would like to and can take care of yourself this summer.
  3. Identify people, places, and activities that support and uplift you. Utilize these resources throughout the summer. 

Wishing you a summer of rest, rejuvenation, and continued flourishing!

Written by: Cherrial Odell, Class of 2025

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Stanford Resources

  • Counseling and Psychological Services: Struggling to navigate the transition out of college? Need help processing all of your feels? Consider meeting with a CAPS therapist to address these feelings and learn tools to manage them. CAPS offers individual visits, skills workshops, process groups, psychiatry services, community referral resources, 24/7 support, and crisis intervention. Get support today.
  • Well-Being Coaching: A Well-Being Coach can help you make shifts in behaviors and beliefs that don't serve you, or simply offer support when you’re struggling. If you are curious about coaching and want to learn more before signing up for a full session, schedule a 15-minute consultation session.
  • Making Time for Yourself Over Break The Flourish, Featured Student Story, December 2023: From a Stanford student, discover ways to give back to yourself and your mental well-being by finding wellness activities that rejuvenate you.
  • Take Care of Yourself and Each Other: Find ways to practice self-care this break. From quick reads, and self-care videos, to podcasts and apps, discover the self-care strategies that work for you!
  • Check out Stanford Recreation and Wellness for a list of ways to get active over summer break.