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Future of Student Affairs: Faculty Integration

From left, Harry j. Elam, Jr., Senior Vice Provost for Education, Vice President for the Arts and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Patti Gumport, Vice Provost for Graduate Education, and Greg Boardman, Vice Provost for Student Affairs. (Photo credit: Linda A. Cicero/Stanford News)

Faculty Integration was identified as one of the major priorities for action within the Future of Student Affairs initiative.  The Executive team identified four progressive areas of faculty involvement, including awareness, participation, engagement and integration. 

  • Faculty “awareness” of Student Affairs was described as “confidence that faculty members could articulate or describe the work of multiple Student Affairs areas.”  
  • “Participation” was described as when faculty joins an activity, event or project at the request of a Student Affairs staff member. 
  • “Engaged” describes when faculty members become a part of problem solving within a Student Affairs area.  
  • "Integration” encapsulates when faculty and Student Affairs staff are working together to solve university-wide problems and/or when a faculty member holds a leadership role within a Student Affairs unit.  

The Executive group will be focused on this priority area in the next stage of Student Affairs' work.