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Future of Student Affairs: Leadership Cabinet

Clockwise from left, Teri Adams, Shalini Bhutani, Brett Alpert, Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain, Nate Boswell, Jan Barker Alexander, Danielle Wood, Dereca Blackmon, Jenn Calvert, Karen Biestman and Ken Hsu. Not pictured, Robyn Tepper, Koren Bakkegard and TJ Fletcher. 

It has been  clear from the beginning of the Future of Student Affairs process that the division needs to develop more robust leadership tiers within the division. In many cases, this leadership tier is in place, but the goal is to strengthen and develop this group and bring people from our varied departments together to work on issues of common concern.

Facilitated by Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain, Associate Vice Provost for Administration, and Jenn Calvert, Associate Dean in Residential Education, the Leadership Cabinet has met regularly since the summer of 2016. Its primary roles are to: 

  • Create and develop a collaborative group of Student Affairs leaders to increase participation in decision-making and divisional ownership, and to facilitate information transfer into the departments;
  • Structure a layer of leadership that can manage more of the day-to-day oversight of Student Affairs in order to give the Executive Group the ability to focus more on university-level priorities;
  • Provide an opportunity for leaders within Student Affairs to work together, across unit boundaries, to focus on division-wide priorities and concerns;
  • Create and implement leadership development opportunities for managers and staff in the division (both within and external to the Leadership Cabinet) and
  • Create additional pathways for leadership development within the division.


The Future of Student Affairs Leadership Cabinet Members are:

Teri Adams, Managing Director of the Office of Accessible Education

Brett Alpert, Director of Career Ventures, BEAM, Stanford Career Education

Jan Barker Alexander, Interim Assistant Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Chair of  Community Centers 

Koren Bakkegard, Associate Dean, Residential Education

Shalini Bhutani,  Director, Bechtel International Center

Karen Biestman,  Director, Native American Cultural Center, (2016-17 academic year)

Dereca Blackmon, Interim Associate Dean and Director of the Diversity and First-Gen Office and Special Adviser to the Vice Provost for Student Affairs for Diversity Initiatives. 

Nate Boswell,  Associate Dean of the Row and Independent Living, Residential Education 

Jenn Calvert, Associate Dean, Residential Education 

Ralph Castro, Director, Office of Alcohol Policy and Education

TJ Fletcher, Director of Student Financial  Services

Ken Hsu, Director, Graduate Life Office 

Robyn Tepper,  Director of Medical Services, Vaden Health Center

Danielle Wood, Director of Career Catalysts, BEAM, Stanford Career Education