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The Future of Student Affairs: Optimizing Resources

The Working Group on Optimizing Resources assessed the division's needs with regard to human resources, technology and space and explored opportunities for enhancing, increasing and sharing them.  The Working Group is co-chaired by Zac Sargeant, Assistant Dean in  Residential Education and Danielle Wood, Associate Dean and Director of Career Catalysts, BEAM, Stanford Career Education. The group was charged with examining the following issues: 


  • Examine current technological support infrastructure and determine where efficiencies can be gathered.


  • Examine how we use space.  How do we obtain the right resources that we need for space?  How can we make more spaces revenue generating?  How can we optimize shared space?  How can we reimagine workspace? 
  • Gather, distill and distribute information including the standards and rules for space.  Get the most up-to-date information on the General Use Permit (GUP). 
  • Make recommendations for use of space, resources needed for spaces and possible areas/methods for revenue generation.


  • Reimagine the division of Student Affairs. What are student needs?  How can we meet those needs through the creation of more robust infrastructure?  Where can we share positions/resources?  Where is there overlap in our infrastructure? 
  • Examine where there is expertise and where there are needs.  Make recommendations for creative use of human resources.  Pilot two opportunities.
The members of the Optimizing Resources Working Group were:  
Marisa McCarthy, Assistant Dean of Students, Office of Community Standards (2016-17 academic year)
Shelley Hou, Director of Operations, Office of Accessible Education
Zac Sargeant, Assistant Dean, Residential Education (Co-Chair)
Leigh Stacy, Director of Finance and Administration, Vaden Health Center
Joann Wong, Program Assessment and Data Analyst, Haas Center for Public Service
The group completed a welcome video for new staff in Student Affairs, which was shared at the Staff appreciation
Danielle WoodAssociate Dean and Director of Career Catalysts, BEAM, Stanford Career Education (Co-Chair) 
The Working Group completed a welcome video for new Student Affairs staff, which was debuted in 2018. The group also partnered with Student Affairs' central human resources office to develop a new employee onboarding process. The group is continuing its work on training resources for the onboarding process.