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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

Reach Out to Your Peers

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Whether you are looking for casual advice or guidance, know there are individuals in our community eager and ready to help you, some of these being your friends and/or peers–many who have experienced similar situations as you. Graduate and undergraduate residential staff are professionally trained staff who can offer advice and resources. Peer support may be a good first step to sharing your struggles and identifying what support you may need.

Struggling to connect with others? Roommate troubles? In need of academic, life, or relationship advice?

Graduate Residential Staff

Graduate Life Deans, Community Associates (CAs)

Professional staff and fellow Stanford graduate students who provide information, advice, assistance, and, if needed, referrals for academic and personal issues.  They can assist students in finding services and information on the Stanford campus. Graduate Life Deans can provide crisis intervention by contacting the urgent line.

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Undergraduate Residential Staff

Resident Directors (RDs), Resident Fellows (RFs), and Resident Assistants (RAs)

Trained professionals and student staff who can advise you about personal issues and assist with emergencies. They are available whenever you have a problem and can provide valuable insight from their own Stanford experiences.

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Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Support center for all aspects of personal and professional development and life at Stanford for postdoc trainees.

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Additional Resources

Stanford Resources

Other Resources

The Bridge Peer Counseling Center

Peer counseling by trained students who can offer a listening ear and/or advice regarding common issues and concerns facing students (e.g. relationship, academic, financial).

Peer Mediator Program

The Peer Mediation program is a peer to peer program where trained mediators serve as a neutral and impartial 3rd party to assist students in navigating a conflict or concern with another student.

PEERs Program

The PEERs are a group of undergraduate and co-term students that Prevent harm, Educate about holistic health and well-being, Empower our community,  and Refer students to campus resources.