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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

Utilize Campus Resources

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When you find yourself needing extra support managing your mental health and well-being, know there are many great resources at Stanford. All of the professional resources below can teach you skills and fill your toolkit with ways to promote your mental health and well-being.

CR (Confidential Resource) = information cannot be shared without your explicit permission


Let’s Talk in Community, via Zoom

Need additional support in navigating a problem or situation? Curious as to what it is like to talk with a CAPS counselor or counselor in general? Looking for a quick, informal check-in? 
Short, informal consultation with a CAPS counselor who can listen to specific problems in your life, help you consider new ways for relating to or working with a problem or situation, provide resource information and mental health education, and give you a sense of what it is like to meet with a member of the CAPS staff. Learn more

Financial Wellness

Do you wish you could feel a little less stressed about money? Would you like to gain the knowledge, skills, and habits to be financially well during your time at Stanford and beyond?  

Stanford’s financial wellness education program, Mind Over Money, exists to empower students to flourish through accessible, relevant, and research-informed financial education, meaningful engagement with positive influences on financial well-being, and a campus culture of healthy financial behaviors and conversations.

Learn more

  • 1:1 Financial Wellness Coaching: As you set your personal financial goals and get curious to learn more, select a volunteer from our roster of coaches, check out their bio to see if they would be a good fit, and request an appointment.
  • 1-Unit Personal Finance Course: Build your financial capability in the areas of managing money, planning ahead, making choices, and getting help to achieve your financial goals in our one-unit course, Wellness 183: Financial Wellness for a Healthy, Long Life.

Nutrition Counseling

Looking to understand and explore how nutrition impacts your health and well-being? Questions about nutrition-related concerns? 
Meet with a registered dietitian/nutritionist (RD/RDN) to understand and explore your unique needs. An appointment can address concerns such as health management, meal planning, eating problems, body image struggles, high cholesterol, and/or digestive problems. Learn more

Office of Accessible Education

Is your mental health affecting your performance? In need of academic or housing accommodations? Looking for a safe space with peers, staff, and resources to support your individual needs? 
The OAE is the campus entity designated to work with Stanford students with disabilities. The OAE provides a wide array of support services, accommodations, and programs to remove barriers to full participation in the life of the University. Learn more

Office of the Ombuds (CR)

Experiencing a conflict or issue that is interfering with your academic or work life? Need assistance in navigating an interpersonal or professional conflict? Need tools to manage a difficult situation or engage in a challenging conversation? Have questions about Stanford policies or processes that you prefer to ask to a confidential resource? 
Confidential resource available to all faculty, staff, postdocs, and students to discuss a concern, conflict or issue that is interfering with their academic or work life. Services include individual meetings to discuss concerns, information on Stanford policies, referrals to other resources and conflict resolution services. Learn more

Office for Religious and Spiritual Life

Looking to explore spiritual wellness? In search of a community that nurtures your spiritual beliefs? Need help overcoming grief and loss?
The Office for Religious & Spiritual Life guides, nurtures, and enhances spiritual and religious life within the Stanford community. We offer classes, programs and pastoral counseling. Learn more

  • Undergraduate Grief and Loss Support Gatherings: Whether your loss was recent or long ago, we welcome you to join other students in processing the grief they are experiencing. This gathering meets 3 times/quarter and is co-facilitated by staff from ORSL, CAPS, GLO and Well-Being at Stanford.
  • Talk With a Chaplain: Spiritual care is a type of care and counseling involving nonjudgmental and compassionate listening that allows people to share their joys, concerns, and hopes in the context of their full humanity, and for many, their spirituality or philosophy. It has the goal of fostering a person’s spiritual and existential well being. 1:1 sessions provide an opportunity for confidential conversation. 
  • Additional Stanford Resources: Grieving at Stanford

Office of Substance Use Programs, Education, & Resources

Looking to explore your relationship with alcohol and/or substances in a safe space? Want to learn tools to help you modify substance use? Looking for substance free communities? 
Aims to mitigate high-risk alcohol and other drug use and related harms by enriching the social experience by utilizing health promotion principles through collaborative, cutting-edge, empirically-proven educational strategies and programs. Learn more

  • 1:1 sessions: Individual meetings with students to support them wherever they are along the spectrum of substance use. 
  • 5-SURE Safe Rides: Free safe rides late at night 7 nights a week, 9 p.m. - 2 a.m. from anywhere on campus. 
  • 5-SURE on Foot: Find them around the Row tabling on a weekend night ready to accompany you home so you are not alone. Grab a free Pop-Tart, water, and other safety supplies at the table.

Weiland Health Initiative (CR)

Curious to know what your options are for gender based-care? Looking for support as you transition? Want to connect with other trans folx? 
Promotes mental health and wellness across the spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations through education, training and clinical services. Learn more

Well-Being Coaching

Need help with time management? Want to prioritize your self-care but unsure as to where to start? Your partner in helping you design what well-being looks like for you here at Stanford, and beyond. Whether that’s building new mindsets  and behaviors to improve your overall well-being, or simply offering a soft supportive place to land when you are struggling. Learn more