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Recent News

Four Students talk at a table outdoors.
Nov 30 2017
A science communication seminar taught by chemist Paul Wender helped launch the first undergraduate pop-science publication, called Fascinate.
Head shot of Jelani Monroe
Nov 20 2017
Three Stanford seniors and one alumnus  have been named 2018 Rhodes Scholars.  Jelani Monroe, class of 2016, pictured, is currently the financial manager of the ASSU and chief executive officer of Stanford Student Enterprises.
Portrait of Bryce Love
Nov 13 2017
Stanford Athletics offers a website that chronicles Love’s achievements, including 1,622 rushing yards, 180 yards per game, 8.9 yards per carry and 11 touchdowns of 50 plus yards.
Photo of Russell Gavin
Nov 9 2017
Russell Gavin, the new director of Stanford’s famously irreverent student scatter band, reflects on what makes the group special, how they are doing in the wake of a suspension that resulted in organizational changes and what the future holds.
Detail of a Stanford  arch.
Nov 9 2017
Susie Brubaker-Cole, vice provost for student affairs, and Jane Shaw, dean for religious life, weigh in on the upcoming Nov. 14 visit to campus by writer and blogger Robert Spencer.