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Spring 2024 AIWG Progress Update

Learn about the proctoring pilot and plans for next year.
Main quad. Credit: Micaela Go
Main quad. Credit: Micaela Go

During spring quarter, the Academic Integrity Working Group (AIWG) has been working diligently to carry out its charge, in accordance with the 2023 C-12 Honor Code Proposal approved by the University last year. This includes the launch of a proctoring pilot, marking a pivotal step forward in researching methods to enhance fairness and trust in the university's academic ecosystem. Here's an update on the progress made thus far.

Progress Update

The pilot commenced with the participation of seven instructors from diverse disciplines, including mathematics, computer science, history, and language. We want to extend our many thanks to these instructors and students for participating in the pilot. In tandem with the pilot, over 700 students and 150 instructors shared their insights and experiences regarding Stanford's Honor Code and the dynamics of proctored exams through campus-wide surveys by our consulting partner, Grand River Solutions. 

Feedback from students, as well as instructors and teaching assistants who served as exam proctors throughout the pilot, will be instrumental as we continue to survey post-midterms and finals. This feedback loop will not only enhance the efficacy of the pilot but will also inform the refinement of proctoring guidelines for the 2024-25 academic year. We are working closely with  Grand River Solutions to ensure anonymity and impartial analysis of survey data to facilitate evidence-based decision-making.

Instructors involved in the pilot have reported a smooth experience with exam administration. They have also been working to incorporate other recommended practices that have been demonstrated to improve exam integrity such as assigned seating, checking student IDs to confirm attendance, putting personal belongings at the front of the room, and asking students to reaffirm their commitment to the Honor Code before the exam. Taken together, these efforts have the potential to bolster shared confidence among students, TAs, and instructors in the integrity of the exam environment, and allow students to focus on their own learning and assessment.

Looking ahead, the AIWG remains committed to expanding the pilot's reach in upcoming academic years. Faculty and instructors interested in participating in the proctoring pilot for the 2024-25 academic year are encouraged to complete the Stanford Proctoring Pilot: Faculty Interest Form. Instructors with courses participating in the pilot can expect the support and guidance of the AIWG, as well as the Office of Accessible Education's new Centralized Testing Center, to assist in facilitating designated exam accommodations throughout their course's participation.

Together, we continue to uphold the values of academic integrity that define Stanford's educational mission. The AIWG is dedicated to fostering an environment of integrity. Stay tuned for further updates.