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Student Affairs 2011 Assessment Poster Fair

Jul 25 2011

Student Affairs' 3rd Annual Student Affairs Assessment Poster Fair was held on Friday, May 20, 2011 at the Black Community Services Center.

Vice Provost Greg Boardman established the Assessment Coordination Committee in 2009 to further our objective of creating a culture of assessment within Student Affairs. Under the leadership of Tom Black and Ken Hsu, and methodological guidance from Jenny Bergeron, the committee has worked diligently over the past three years to evaluate the performance of our programs and policies and implement evaluation studies.

During WASC’s visit on campus in December 2010, we displayed some of our posters showing primary data collected internally which were used to inform decision-making in program management and strategic planning.

See Assessment in Student Affairs for more background on the divisions approach to monitoring our efforts.

2011 Presentations

A Survey of Graduate Student Families Living at Escondido Village, 2011, Part One - the Survey by Andrew Hernandez There are approximately 250 graduate student families living in nine Escondido Village (EV) family courtyards. The Graduate Life Office provides families with activities and information through the Family Community Associate program. The purpose of this study will be to evaluate graduate student contact with the graduate Community Associates living among them, their participation in graduate family activities organized by the CAs, and their satisfaction with the EV community and their general knowledge of University resources for families. Results from this evaluation will be used to improve future programming. An Assessment of University Public Worship at Stanford Memorial Church by Mary Greene and Joanne Sanders Assessment of University Public Worship at Stanford Memorial Church In more than 100 years of University Public Worship at Stanford Memorial Church, this is likely the first survey of its kind. The purpose of this assessment is to understand more about the attendees at University Public Worship on Sunday mornings and to learn from their perspective and experiences. Information gathered from this study will enable the clergy and staff of Memorial Church to evaluate their services and congregational impressions. Alcohol Education 21st Birthday Project by Jarreau Bowen, Michal McDowell, Samuel Saenz The Alcohol Education 21st Birthday Project aimed to test a novel alcohol education intervention technique—the birthday card – as a means of reducing reckless drinking when students celebrate their 21st birthdays. Participants were randomly selected to either receive via e-mail the birthday intervention card the day before their 21st Birthday (experimental condition) or receive no card (control condition). The day after their 21st Birthday, all participants were sent an electronic survey asking about how much alcohol they drank on their birthday, how much alcohol they were planning on drinking, and other related inquiries. Data from this project are presented. Analyzing the Student Affairs Web by Stephen Arod Shirreffs and Katie Pfeiffer Analyzing Mobile Usage in Student Affairs The survey seeks to understand the scope and growth of mobile access to the Student Affairs Drupal-based web presence. The poster also seeks to educate viewers about the use and benefits of Google Analytics. Results will be used in assessing how to proceed in creating mobile aware resources.   Assessing LAMP: Learning and Mentoring Peers, a Student Affairs Learning Grant by Cole Shiflett and Sonoo Thadaney LAMP: Learning and Mentoring Peers, A Student Affairs Learning Grant