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Our House in Order Pilot Projects

Photograph showing diverse students in class from the waist down in JPG format.

Our House in Order work has the goal of ensuring that each department in Student Affairs embodies excellence in its core functions.  Through House in Order pilot projects, which began in spring 2018, each of our Associate Vice Provost areas is engaging in continuous improvement and building a culture of greater accountability and excellence.  The House in Order pilots are:

Dean of Students, Student Activities and Leadership (SAL)

SAL is engaging a project to better articulate and execute on best practices for high impact student events, intended to provide a more positive and educational student experience. 

Student and Academic Support, Student Financial Services (SFS)

SFS is piloting a project to develop a deep understanding of the data that is used in the transfer that SFS oversees between oracle to peoplesoft to ensure that the staff of SFS can problem solve, in a systemic way, when they face challenges in the data migration.

Vaden Health Center, Health Promotion Services (HPS)

HPS is working to bring together and better articulate the resources, services and programs provided by HPS, including both print and web resources. 

Residential Education

Residential Education is striving to clarify expectations and practice for case management notes, in order to facilitate clear tracking of information for student cases.

BEAM Career Education, Career Ventures

Career Ventures is examining current processes and developing methods for more effectively managing contact with and “prioritizing” the sheer volume of employers they work with.

Haas Center for Public Service

The Haas Center is focusing their house in order work on a year-long talent development and management training program designed to provide their supervisory staff with the tools, skills and resources that they need.