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Protecting Data

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Who sees the results of my test, and what will Stanford do with my information? 

For students, individual test results will be available to the participating student, Color and the physicians working directly with Color, Vaden, Environmental Health & Safety, and limited other university offices to protect the Stanford community and prevent further spread of COVID-19 (such as for exposure notification, cleaning, isolation and processing the information). For example, when students on campus test positive for COVID-19, to coordinate isolation housing and meal delivery service, the name of the student with the positive test will be shared with relevant campus partners such as Graduate Life Office deans, and Residential & Dining Enterprises, on a confidential, need-to-know basis. In addition, laboratories must report all test results to public health authorities consistent with applicable laws and guidance; and Stanford must report positive test results to public health authorities, consistent with applicable laws and guidance. Further, if you miss one or more tests, a university appointed COVID lead or a staff member of the Dean of Students Office will be notified of that fact (but will not have access to your test results), and may contact you to help ensure compliance with campus testing requirements. In order to keep our community safe, Stanford takes the testing requirement very seriously. Depending on the level of non-compliance, a COVID lead may copy an academic advisor, principal investigator, academic department manager or school dean about whether a student tested but not the results of any test.

What will Color do with my information? Will my data be used for other Color testing programs, such as genetic testing? 

Color adheres to strict privacy and security controls, and complies with applicable data protection laws. You may view Color’s COVID-19 Terms of Service, Notice of Privacy Practices, COVID HIPAA Authorization, and COVID-19 Informed Consent to learn more. Color will test your sample for SARS-CoV-2 only, and will not use your data or sample for genetic testing without your express written consent. When you create your Color account, you agree to the Terms of Service only as applicable to the Color products or services that you select. Each time you activate and use a COVID-19 test kit, you agree to the terms and conditions specific to Color’s COVID-19 testing product and service. Therefore, the terms of service and additional provisions that relate to Color’s genetic testing services -- which are distinct from the COVID-19 Terms of Service -- do not apply if you are only using Color’s COVID-19 testing services. 

Does Color extract, share, or maintain genetic information from test samples? 

Color’s test involves the extraction of genetic information on the virus (viral RNA). Color does not sequence any patient DNA when performing the COVID test. 

  • Sample retention: Color does not retain COVID-19 samples long term. Color's policy and practice is to destroy all residual samples 7 days after the result is released. 
  • Data retention: Color is required by federal law (the Clinical Laboratory Improvements Act of 1988), the College of American Pathologists, and state regulatory requirements to retain lab data for at least 20 years. 
  • Data sharing: Results data and protected health information (PHI) is shared with the physician who authorized the test, and with public health agencies as required by federal, state, and/or local requirements. Color does not sell any of your PHI or test result data.