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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Banner image featuring a detail of a mural showing the portrait of George Floyd in Mauerpark in Berlin. To the left of the portrait the lettering "I can't Breathe" was added, on the right side the three hashtags #GeorgeFloyd, #Icantbreathe and #Sayhisname. The mural was completed by Eme Street Art on 29 May 2020

Standing for Justice and in Community for George Floyd

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Image featuring Black Lives Matter manifestation in Stockholm June 3, 2020 via Wikimedia Commons - contained within a black circle.

“... to our Black community at Stanford, I want to say: Your lives matter, and your voices matter. While the violent events and senseless deaths we have been seeing in America have been sickening and overwhelming for all of us, I recognize the special pain felt by members of our Black community, and the added emotional and physical burden that you carry. Seeing accountability for the killing of George Floyd may provide a sense of justice, but it surely does not erase this burden. You are essential and valued members of our community.”   

 President Marc Tessier-Lavigne, in a message to the campus community

Stanford staff and faculty members share your concerns and are here to support you. The weight of what you are witnessing and experiencing at this moment may be more than you have felt in your lifetime. You do not have to experience it alone. Take time to care for yourself and share what you are going through with others.