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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

Exterior Quarantine/Isolation Housing Front Desk. Credit: Google Maps

Information for undergraduates who will check into an isolation space

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Who needs to move into a Stanford-provided isolation space? 
Review the current COVID-tiers guide to know if this applies to you. 

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What do I do?

Currently, COVID-positive undergraduates who do not live in Mirrielees or EVGR-A should review the COVID-tiers guidance detailed here and submit a SNOW ticket to request an isolation space and meal delivery options.

Undergraduates living in Mirrielees and EVGR-A can isolate in-place.

Here is information for roommates who may have been exposed. 

Where do I go?

After you have reviewed the COVID-tiers guidance detailed here, you check in by visiting the Quarantine/Isolation Housing Front Desk located at 143 Ayrshire Farm Lane, Apartment 104, Stanford, CA 94305

  • If you test positive after hours, submit a SNOW ticket and report to the Q/I Desk the next day. On this map, notice the access points (red stars on map) from either Campus Drive or Escondido Road. Parking is limited but available directly in front of EV 143 for students to pick up and drop off keys; instructions will be present at the front door/entry.  
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Please keep in mind the following while you are isolating in off-campus housing

Undergraduate isolation off campus

(1) Remember that you are in locations with both other Stanford students as well as other community residents.  Please be mindful.  
(2) Do not contact the on-site property management staff unless there is an imminent facility emergency (fire, flood).  
(3) Please remember to remain in your apartment and do not utilize lobbies, amenities, or other common areas.
(4) Laundry facilities will not be available, so plan accordingly. 
(5) Trash pickups are not available.  Put trash in clear plastic bags provided, mask/glove up, and take directly to the dumpsters for disposal, preferably at the end of your stay.

For any housing questions or concerns while you occupy your off-campus space, please contact our Stanford University property manager.

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While in isolation, you will not be allowed to use laundry rooms or return to your regular housing assignment space, so please ensure you have your necessities packed.

Luggage with face mask. Credit: @freepik

What should I bring?

Pack enough of the following items to last up to 10 days.

Face coverings/masks

Personal toiletries, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. (linens, towels and toilet paper will be provided) 

Prescription and over-the-counter medications, including cold and flu medication should you have or get symptoms (Tylenol will be provided to those who don’t have it)

A thermometer (a thermometer will be provided to those who don’t have one)

Clothing and other laundered items (laundry services will NOT be accessible to you)

Items for your personal comfort (a favorite blanket, sweatshirt, pillow, tissues) 

Water bottle and/or microwaveable mug

Academic materials

Personal electronics and chargers

Hoover Tower and trees with fall colors. Credit: Chuck Painter / Stanford News Service

During Isolation

What does it mean for you to be in isolation?  Being in isolation means preserving your health, safety, and well-being along with that of your community. The isolation period is necessary anytime a student tests positive for COVID-19. Although you will be in “isolation,” our goal is for you to still feel connected and well-supported. 

What is expected of me while in isolation? If you are experiencing new or worsening symptom, notify your medical provider, Vaden Health Services or the Sports Medicine Team. CDC guidance can be found here

You may temporarily leave isolation for medical attention or if you have been permitted to do so by a medical expert. If you leave, you MUST wear a face mask fully covering your nose, mouth, and chin, and you MUST return to your room immediately afterward.  

What should I refrain from doing while in isolation? Do not leave isolation until you are released by medical professionals. 

Do not use laundry rooms.

Do not have visitors. Do not have others come to your space for visits of any kind.  

Do not go to any in-person events, meetings, social activities, or other group activities. If you have questions about leaving your space, please contact your medical provider, Vaden Health Services, or the Sports Medicine Team if you are a varsity athlete.  

Do not go to work. Communicate with your supervisor and HR to explore remote work options.   

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Daily needs: meal delivery, medical care, your campus resources

Throughout this process, it is our hope that you will continue to engage in academics (to the extent the severity of your illness allows it and if applicable) and practice a daily routine that includes tending to your health, well-being, dietary needs, and non-in person social communication. Please contact the EVGR-B Housing Front Desk ( or 650.784.5961) for everyday essentials you may need to replenish. We are here to ensure you have access to appropriate campus resources so that you are well supported. 

  • What will my room be like? While in your temporary space, you will have access to a private bathroom. In some spaces, multiple rooms with private bathrooms open into a common area, which means you may have others moving into nearby spaces for the same purpose as you. We ask that you remain in your bedroom/bathroom as much as possible, wear your mask, and limit your time going in and out of common spaces.
  • Meal delivery: Meals will be tailored for dietary restrictions and allergies based on the information you have submitted when you checked in. 
  • Medical care: Throughout your isolation period, please continue to be in regular contact with Vaden Health Services at 650.498.2336. Here is how to reach Vaden after hours.  
  • Garbage: If you are in isolation on campus, leave your garbage outside your room door on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Custodial teams will pick up and dispose of garbage in the clear plastic bag that R&DE Dining is providing with meal deliveries.
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Academic needs

We encourage you to reference your course syllabi and email your professors and your academic advisor so that they know that you will be unable to participate in in-person academic activities. Contact your Undergraduate Advising Director for assistance. If you can't get to the bookstore to pick up books you need for class, order the books online and then after you receive an email from the bookstore confirming your books are ready for pickup, fill out this form for delivery to your room.

Additional campus resources

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What should I do after I’ve completed my period in isolation?

You can only be cleared to leave isolation under medical advice. Once you are cleared by a medical expert, please return the keys to the key return drop-box next to the Q/I Housing Service Center Front Desk key pick-up window. You may leave your trash in your room.  You should return the keys within 24 hours of vacating the space, or you may be charged a fee to cover the cost of re-keying the room. If you have any questions, please contact the Q/I Housing Front Desk ( or 650.784.5961).