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 Students in an outdoor classroom on stanford campus. Konadu Abena Amoakuh. Credit: Andrew Brodhead

Winter Break & Return Testing Guide for Graduate and Professional Students

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What are the testing expectations and requirements for all students returning to campus housing starting Jan. 1?

  • Take a COVID-19 test before returning to campus. 
  • Take a university-provided rapid test immediately upon returning to campus, if rapid tests remain available.
  • Take TWO Color tests during your first week on campus (Day 0 and 5). Do not submit a new Color test until you receive the previous test result.
  • Then continue testing with Color, at your assigned cadence.

(Exception: Testing is not required for students who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past three months. If you tested positive through a provider other than Color or Vaden, send a copy of your positive test results (attached to a message with the subject line "secure: test results") to Dr. Robyn Tepper through the VadenPatient portal.) 

After I return to campus, where do I get a rapid test?

  • Graduate and professional students should pick up a test kit from the R&DE Housing Service Center in EVGR-B for arrivals through January 2. Kits will be available at all graduate housing service centers beginning January 3. Check here for housing service center hours.

I’m not traveling during the break.

  • Take TWO Color tests during your first week of classes (Day 0 and 5).
  • Continue testing with Color following your regular testing cadence based on vaccination status: once per week for vaccinated students and twice per week for unvaccinated students.
Winter Rapid Testing Flyer
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What should I do if I test positive?

Wear a face covering at all times and follow these directions.

Graduate and professional students

Circumstance Time What to do
I tested positive before returning to campus. Until further notice Do not travel! Send a copy of your positive test result (a PCR test is preferred) to Dr. Robyn Tepper through the Vaden patient portalPlan to isolate for 10 days in your current location. The CDC shortened the recommended time for isolation from 10 days to five days for asymptomatic individuals. However, Santa Clara County (where Stanford is located) is still assessing this new guidance. Do not change your travel plans on the assumption that five days is sufficient.  
I tested positive while living on campus (results from rapid or Color test).   Until further notice Students who test positive and live in campus housing with a private bedroom and a single-occupancy bathroom will isolate in their assigned housing unit. Learn more here.  


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I'm new to campus

Here’s everything you need to know about Color testing and the immunization requirement.

If you need immediate medical advice, call Vaden Health Services at 650.498.2336.