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Banner image featuring an exterior photograph of Branner Hall, from the bike racks, with a student walking in front of the building. 03/02/2009 Branner Hall. Credit Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Special Circumstances

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Welcome! The special circumstances housing process for summer quarter was completed during spring quarter.  However, if you need special circumstances eligibility, you may still have housing options. Please take a moment to review the information on this webpage to evaluate your eligibility for campus housing.

Important information

  • We are committed to housing all frosh, sophomores and first-year transfers enrolled full time or engaged in a full-time Stanford-funded Experiential Learning Opportunity (ELO), Stanford-funded internship or Stanford-funded employment during their Flex Term. If you are in this group and you plan to live on campus this summer, you do not need to request special circumstances housing. Please reach out to R&DE Student Housing directly if you have questions. 
  • Financial aid is available for students who are enrolled full-time. The summer quarter financial aid application is here. Financial aid is not available for students on a Flex Term. Therefore, students living on campus during a Flex Term must use earnings from their ELO, internship or employment or other personal resources to cover housing fees.

Juniors and Seniors

Who is eligible to live in summer housing and how do we apply?

  • Juniors and seniors who were previously approved for special circumstances housing must re-apply for summer quarterSpecial circumstances include international students who may face travel or visa complications; students experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity; students with home environments that prevent them from being able to participate in a remote learning environment or are unsafe; and other special needs.
  • Juniors and seniors who are eligible to live on campus this summer but do not have special circumstances SHOULD NOT submit a special circumstances application. 
10/2/2012 Lagunita Court. One of Stanford’s most historic residences, Lagunita Court was built in phases between 1934 and 1937 and was renovated in 1997-98. Lagunita Court is the first Stanford residence that combined founding landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted’s vision of student residences as individual cottages within the concept of a large-scale residence hall. Credit: Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

The following juniors and seniors are eligible for summer housing:

• Juniors and seniors with special circumstances and enrolled full time.

• Juniors and seniors with special circumstances and engaged in a full-time Stanford-funded ELO, Stanford-funded internship, Stanford-funded employment, Stanford capstone project or other Stanford faculty sponsored research project during their Flex Term.

• Juniors and seniors without special circumstances who are 1)  enrolled full time or 2) on their Flex Quarter and engaged in a full-time Stanford-funded ELO, Stanford funded internship, or Stanford-funded employment (on a space available basis).

• Seniors with less than five units needed to graduate or seniors returning to campus for a fifth year as an undergraduate in 2021-22 (on a space available basis).

• Seniors with special circumstances and a Permit to Attend for Services Only.

• Seniors without special circumstances but with a Permit to Attend for Services Only (on a space available basis).

Who cannot live in summer housing?

  • Any undergraduate students who have graduated (conferred their degree) by the end of spring quarter 2021.
  • Any undergraduate student on a leave of absence.

What should co-terms do?

  • Seniors who will enroll at Stanford in 2021-22 to complete their co-terminal degrees are strongly encouraged to apply for summer graduate housing and 2021-22 housing through the Graduate Housing Lottery, which is taking place now. Graduate housing applications are due Thursday, May 6. See the Graduate Housing Lottery website for more information.

How do I apply for special circumstances?

  • If you are eligible based on the criteria above and have not filled out a special circumstances application but still need housing for the summer, please reach out to R&DE Student Housing to inquire about next steps. If you would like to discuss your circumstances with a Residence Dean to help you think about your options, you can contact them directly or you can write to  

What do I do if I do not have special circumstances but am eligible for summer housing? 

Where do I go with questions?

  • Have a question about special circumstances eligibility? Contact the R&DE Student Housing Office directly. Still have questions? Submit a SNOW ticket here.