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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

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The Flourish

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flour·ish │ˈfləriSH │ verb

Presence of positive feelings of well-being

Welcome to The Flourish, a monthly “not-another-newsletter”.

The goal of this communication tool is to support all Stanford students and their well-being. Each month, The Flourish provides you with timely information on key monthly health and wellness topics to support student flourishing.

 Naima U Patel. Credit: Andrew Brodhead

To help create an enjoyable and reliable source of support and information, the following monthly categories are featured in The Flourish

  • In Focus: key monthly theme(s) focused on your well-being
  • How is Life Tree-Ting You?: mental health and well-being support and resources
  • In the Spotlight: interesting statistic, finding, or something we want to call attention to
  • Tip of the Month: helpful suggestions or call to action
  • Sleep Corner: information to improve your sleep hygiene
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Monthly Newsletters

To access the full copy and downloadable PDF for each month, please click on the corresponding month and link below.

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