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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

The Flourish, May 2022

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Supporting the well-being of all students at Stanford

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month– a time for checking in with ourselves and others and finding resources to support us during this time. Although our individual struggles are unique, together we can learn to build a community of care where we feel comfortable leaning on the support systems available to us. 

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This edition starts off by sharing general steps to take to seek Counseling and Psychological Services. We then hone in on the importance of self and community care and share tips for building our own basecamp. We encourage you to take time to learn about how to take care of your mental health and explore the relationship between well-being and mental illness, while discovering mental health resources to better support you.

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Mental Health Resources at Stanford

We know that you will experience new and unexpected challenges while on-campus. Here you'll find a wealth of mental health resources. 

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In Focus

Accessing Mental Health Support Through CAPS - Where to start?

So, you begin to notice changes in your mood and behavior but are unsure of what this means, who to reach out to, and where to even go for support. We understand that it can be overwhelming to reach out to support, especially if it's your first time managing a mental health condition or interacting with a health care system. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is committed to addressing any obstacles that may keep you from getting the support you need. Learn more on how to access mental health support through CAPS. 

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Building Your Basecamp — A metaphor for self and community care

We are hearing terms like wellness, well-being and self-care a lot lately, but what does it look like to put these things into practice? We recognize that it can be tough to track all facets of these broad terms…are we talking about avocado face masks and cucumber eye masks or deep spiritual healing (the answer to that inquiry is ‘yes’, btw)? Thankfully, there is a metaphor that can help you hold all that might go into the large bucket we can call mammalian self-care; the metaphor being that of a basecamp. Learn more to discover what mammalian self-care is and how you can begin building your own basecamp.

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Tip of the Month

How to Support a Friend During Tough Times

The last few years have presented us with unexpected challenges like no other time before. We have all been through tremendous change and it'll take some time for us to feel a sense of stability. This is why we need to find support for ourselves as well as be there for our peers and build out the crucial support system that is community care. Here are some tips on how we can support each other through hard times.

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In the Spotlight

Well-Being and Mental Illness

Think about the word wellness. What does it feel like for you to be well? What emotions come up?  What is it like in your body? What are the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and sensations that you associate with feeling healthy? Discover the relationship between wellness, well-being, and mental illness and how you can begin taking charge of your mental health today!

Sleep Corner

All Nighters: Helpful or Harmful? 

It’s the day before your 9am final. You look at the clock and notice it is already 9pm, and you still need to finish your final project and study the remaining exam topics for that class. With 12 hours to go, you decide to make a cup of coffee, head to your work area, and say to yourself “It’s going to be a long night.” Does this scenario sound familiar to you? If you have been in this situation before, chances are you either contemplated or actually did pull an all-nighter. Learn more to discover if all-nighters are helpful or harmful.

What’s Flourishing This Month?

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, May 23rd from 11:30am - 12:20pm, Restorative Yoga with Stanford Recreation and Wellness: This standalone class is being offered for free in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. The class centers deep relaxation and restoration through gentle yoga postures held for 3 to 8 minutes at a time, helping to soothe the nervous system, correct poor posture, and relieve tension of deeper muscles that might not be targeted in a more active yoga class. (Event to take place at Arrillaga Recreation Center, Milas Studio.) For registration, please visit here.
  • Monday, May 23rd from 2pm-3:00pm, Mindful Metaverse: Digital Well-Being in Social and Spatialized Contexts: This webinar given by Caitlin Krause, a lecturer in digital wellbeing, XR experience designer, and author of Designing Wonder, explores how to cultivate healthy digital experiences in the context of the metaverse. Krause will take a deeper look at how intentional digital choices can create flourishing without having to disregard all forms of technology. For registration, please visit here.
  • Tuesday, May 24th from 10:30am to 2:30pm, Wellness Fair: This event offered by Stanford BeWell is intended to celebrate wellness and help attendees explore new wellness opportunities and resources. The Wellness Fair will feature fun activities such as therapy dogs, a farmer’s market, giveaways, a photobooth, and more! (Event to take place in Koret Plaza.) For more information, please visit the Wellness Fair website.
  • Free Cardinal Pass Classes from Stanford Recreation and Wellness for the Month of May: Stanford Recreation and Wellness is offering free classes in Vinyasa Yoga, Cardio Core, HIIT30, and Gentle Yoga for the month of May in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. For class times and registration information, please visit here.

For additional upcoming events, check out the Office of Student Engagement

The Flourish

This online publication is your monthly guide to flourishing on the Farm. The Flourish provides you with tips, articles, and resources on key monthly health and wellness topics to support your mental health and well-being.