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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

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Winter Rapid Testing Flyer (HTML Copy)

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Welcome Back

Hope you enjoyed the break.

Before you do any unpacking, hanging out, catching up, or absolutely anything else, take the following steps upon arriving to campus housing from winter break:

  1. Remain masked, including around roommates, until you complete the provided BinaxNow rapid test and receive a negative result.
  2. Note each rapid testing box contains two kits; use one test per person in each housing unit.
  3. Open your BinaxNow rapid testing kit and read all instructions carefully. Scan the QR code below to watch a how-to video and access directions online.  
  4. Based on your test results, follow the instructions for next steps below. 
  5. Throw away all used test kit components in the trash.
Test Results & Next Steps 

Negative Results

You have no further actions regarding your rapid test results. Complete a Color test TWO times during your first week back on campus: The first Color test should be activated, collected and dropped off today to confirm your rapid test results; the second, 3-5 days later

After completing arrival testing this week, resume your regular testing cadence based on vaccination status: once per week for vaccinated students and twice per week for unvaccinated students. 

Unclear/Uncertain Test Results

If you’re unsure about your test results -- for example, the line looks faint or you may have incorrectly completed a testing step -- assume you tested positive and complete the steps above for a positive result. 

  • If you need immediate medical advice: Call Vaden Medical Services at (650) 498-2336.
  • If you received this flier but not a rapid test kit, additional kits will be available in dorm common areas and at housing service centers. After hours, contact the R&DE CARE team at (650) 725-1602.  

THANK YOU for continuing to keep campus as safe and healthy as possible!