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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Neighborhoods 2022-23 Updates
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Here’s an update, invitation to submit your feedback, and how to get involved. We’re entering our second year of implementing a neighborhood model for undergraduate housing at Stanford. The core vision for our neighborhoods is to foster a campus where students are connected to one another and connected to their home, and where they have autonomy to explore the campus and their passions, but always have a consistent “home base” to which they can return. 

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 Kaylee Shen and Linda Vera. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

Neighborhood Key Principles

Ensure personal and intellectual growth for every student

Support and advance student health & well-being

Build community & a sense of belonging for students

Advance equity & inclusion on our campus 

 Mohamed S Musa. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

What’s Next for the Neighborhoods

Building linkages between the first-year curriculum on civic, liberal and global education and the neighborhoods.

Working to determine long-term names for the neighborhoods.

Designing how we can change the use of common area spaces to give students more opportunities to gather and be creative in their neighborhoods. 

Working to develop a capital and fundraising plan for new and enhanced facilities.

Measuring our progress, collecting your feedback, and inviting students to get involved in community councils and neighborhood programs interns.

 Julia An Kao-Sowa and Alawab Aldulim. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

Measuring Our Progress

We would like to congratulate the 5,577 of you who completed the housing assignment process! Here are initial data we’re tracking to understand the impact and effectiveness of the neighborhoods.

Academic Year 2021-22 Collage
Check out the many events organized by neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Events

This year, our community councils began the process of creating traditions for each neighborhood. Here’s what they’ve done.

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Learn more about the launch of  Neighborhoods and more below. 

2022-23 Illustrated Neighborhood Map


Explore more information about Neighborhoods, including their history, at Residential Education's Neighborhood hub.