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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

Lane History Corner/Bldg. 200. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /
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We are committed to educating students to make meaningful contributions as citizens of a complex world.

VPSA Intranet

Campus scenes, 2023. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

Resources for campus events, safety, and well-being

During a time of heightened anxiety and concern in light of events in Israel and Gaza, we are committed to providing for the safety and well-being of the campus community. 

Approaching Challenging Conversations

This resource offers suggestions for approaching conversations with others in your community across differences in background/identity, perspectives and/or experiences. These may be useful in a range of settings, including residential spaces and in class, and across both formal and informal settings.

Crodeo, 2023. Credit: Merve Ondogan


Neighborhoods were designed to be your home at Stanford, and now is the time to truly make it yours. Explore more information about the neighborhoods, connect with local staff, find out what events are happening and explore the types of houses found within each one.

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Red Folder

Guidance for faculty, staff, community leaders, and families supporting student well-being at Stanford.

Upcoming Events

See what else is happening on campus! 

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Lane History Corner/Bldg. 200. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /