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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

Aerial view of Stanford campus. Credit: spvvk / Deposit Photos

Class Year Return Project

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Collage of assorted Stanford students. Credit: Andrew Broadhead /

Connecting with your class, connecting with the campus. This year, a series of initiatives were launched, in partnership with students, families, and alumni, to bring our campus to life for our undergraduate students. Our campus has shown resilience even with the ongoing presence of COVID and affiliated restrictions. Students and staff are working together to create events to bring life back to campus for sophomores, juniors and seniors, after 18 months away. 

Sophomore welcome.

Class of 2024

Connecting with their class!

Student at Junior Carnival.

Class of 2023

Celebrating being back!

The Arbor, opening night.

Class of 2022

Celebrating senior year!

Neighborhood Gradient Accent Line

Check out what each class has been doing!

Students connecting on the grass near Green Library,