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Tree Hacks, 2023. Credit: Micaela Go

Learning Technologies & Spaces

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Learning Technologies & Spaces supports the shared infrastructure of learning technologies and spaces to help facilitate exceptional teaching and learning. They design, implement, provision, operate, and support an ecosystem of platforms, tools, and services as well as technology-rich classrooms and learning spaces.


More About Learning Technologies & Spaces

The aim of LTS is to provide great experiences for faculty and students in the use of instructional technology and classrooms to create engaging and accessible learning experiences for our students. 


Tile image featuring a photo of Richard Webber.

Richard Webber

Meet the Associate Vice Provost & CTO, Learning Technologies and Spaces.

Experimental Robotics (Computer Science 225A) taught by professor Oussama Khatib. The BOTicelli robot used an industrial robotic arm to draw its interpretation of a scanned image of the Stanford Block-S. Credit:  Steve Fyffe / Stanford News Service