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Undergraduate Social Life Accelerator Task Force



  • JT Batson, ’05
  • Dottie Jones Serure, ’16, ’19

Student Leaders

  • Maya Guzdar, ’22  
  • Ecy Femi King, ’23  
  • Easha Nandyala, ’24  
  • Andrew Mancini, ’25 


Alumni & Families

A broad collection of alumni, volunteers, and families have joined this effort as advisors to and members of the task force.


Stanford has always had a sense of whimsy, fun and irreverence alongside its academic rigor. That’s been part of our enduring zeitgeist, something that distinguishes us from many of our peers. And yet, in recent years, our undergraduates have shared that this hasn’t been a widespread experience during their time on campus. Students have articulated that social life on campus is less than what it could or should be. 

Guiding Questions

  • Building on our past: What has made social life on Stanford’s campus unique? How might we capitalize on our history? What are the core components to a vibrant, fun social life on campus? What principles would we want to guide the social life we build?
  • Opportunities: Where are the untapped opportunities on campus to build/create social hubs and experiences? How can we ensure that there is a broad array of offerings that appeal to our diverse student body? How can we utilize/expand upon existing opportunities (e.g. sports teams, Stanford Concert Network, co-ops, houses, etc.)
  • Infrastructure & Tools: What infrastructure and tools do students need to be able to create their own social opportunities? Where are they currently facing limitations that we could address?
Stanford students in San Francisco as part of Scavenger Hunt.

The task force will undertake a broad based learning and engagement process with a diverse set of students, faculty, staff and alumni – as well as learning from best practices at peer institutions.