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Student & Academic Services is a division of Student Affairs, our goal is to design services and systems that ensure all students have equitable access to opportunity and can enjoy and focus on their education at Stanford.


More About Student & Academic Services

We oversee an infrastructure of systems, applications and processes that underpin essential academic and student life activities. We strive to reduce the administrative overhead for students associated with everything from getting a visa to paying their bill to enrolling in classes.

Through this infrastructure, and a focus on operational excellence, we also support faculty teaching and staff administration by collaborating closely with academic and administrative offices across campus on academic planning, curriculum management, degree progress, financial services, graduate admissions and addressing the needs of our international community of students and scholars. We administer hundreds of key operations, transactions, and processes to ensure student success, equity of access, and the integrity of a Stanford education.

In addition to offering services to support students, faculty and staff across these eight departments, we are advancing a multi-year vision to enhance the student experience at Stanford.


  • Bechtel International Center - Bechtel International Center is where international students and scholars, along with their families, are supported. The center is responsible for ensuring institutional compliance with federal immigration regulations, supports and advises international students, scholars, and families regarding immigration and visa issues, advises students pursuing scholarships abroad, and provides opportunities to increase international awareness and understanding.
  • Graduate AdmissionsGraduate Admissions is where prospective students apply for and matriculate into graduate study. Our office serves as the operational backbone for campus-wide graduate admissions processes spanning more than 70 programs across five schools. We are responsible for the configuration and maintenance of the central admissions system for non-professional graduate programs to receive and evaluate applications. After graduate programs in all schools finalize their cohorts, our office reviews the official documents of all incoming graduate students to verify the fulfillment of university-wide admission requirements for academic credentials and English proficiency
  • Mind Over Money - Mind Over Money is where students gain the knowledge and skills, confidence, and motivation to increase healthy financial behaviors during and after their time at Stanford. Mind Over Money democratizes access to information and resources for all students and fosters a campus culture of healthy financial behaviors and conversations. Through Stanford’s best-in-class program, Mind Over Money increases students’ financial wellness with impactful, relevant, and research-informed curriculum, events, coaching,  and resources. 
  • Registrar’s Office (student access) / Registrar’s Office (faculty/staff intranet) - The Registrar’s Office is where student records and academic curriculum are maintained and managed. The Registrar’s Office supports teaching and learning at Stanford by maintaining the integrity of academic policies and the student information system. Specifically, the office is the steward of student records from application to degree conferral, the maintainer of the engines of scheduling and enrollment that drive the academic cycle, and the provider of data analytics and insights that guide student decision making and provide increased access to opportunities.
  • Student Financial Services (student access) / Student Financial Services (faculty/staff intranet) - Student Financial Services (SFS) is where students get help paying for their education. This department manages the university’s billing and payment experience for student tuition and fees, including student loan payments. The unit also manages the disbursement of aid to student bank accounts, and bills and collects more than 50 percent of Stanford’s general funds.
  • Student Information Systems (faculty/staff intranet) - Student Information Systems is where technology supports our students, as well as the administrators who serve our students. The technical business analysts and developers in this department  maintain student systems, including Axess, standalone operational solutions, and system integrations of data throughout Student Affairs and beyond, with an emphasis on cohesiveness, collaboration, and system sustainability.
  • Student Services CenterThe Student Services Center (SSC) is where students go for help. The SSC provides a one-stop resource for students and families to get their questions answered. We explain the student account, demystify academic policies, and resolve sticky issues. SSC staff know how Stanford works, and are passionate about guiding students to successfully achieve their academic goals, while taking advantage of the rich opportunities the university provides.
  • User Experience & Design Strategy (faculty/staff intranet) - The User Experience & Design Strategy (UXDS) team improves interactions, connections and experiences delivered by SAS to ensure our campus community – including students, faculty, and staff – is equipped with the information and tools they need to be successful.
Johanna Metzgar

Johanna Metzgar

Meet the Associate Vice Provost for Student and Academic Services and University Registrar.

Architectural details of the sandstone arcades in the Main Quadrangle of Stanford University. Credit:  Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service