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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

Students in Main Quad, 2023. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

What Challenges Are Students Experiencing Right Now?

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Loneliness and Minimal Social Support

Students are attempting to grow intellectually, and academically, without robust social support networks that are required to get through this intense development period in their lives. After years of relative isolation, many of us are out of practice with the skills and mindsets needed to connect with others, and build community. The many diverse Stanford communities have not had the opportunity to take shape in the last 2+ years, some feeling like they’re playing catch up, or just entirely starting over. 

Entering An Unpredictable Period of Transition

Students know that everything is different, but how will it impact their lives? Depending on when the pandemic hit a student’s career, many students may be feeling the need to make up for lost time and opportunities that are only available to them while at Stanford. They may be feeling that they aren’t doing enough, striving to engage in a multitude of  ways but also challenged to find balance, and practice the rest they need.

Recovering From Collective Trauma

While many of us are now too familiar with a scarcity mindset, environmental insecurity, social instability, and pessimism about the future, the presence and magnitude of these challenges will not be equitable among students. We need to be intentional about restoring our energy, and rebuilding our mental health and well-being, while crucially keeping in mind the disparate impacts of the pandemic on student communities, and directing our energies in ways so that all students can flourish here at Stanford.