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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

The Flourish, March 2024

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Flourish Through Finals

Navigating the end of the quarter can feel like a whirlwind of deadlines and stress, but fear not! With the right tools and mindset, you can not only survive but thrive during this demanding period. Learn how to set yourself up for success with this month's edition of The Flourish.

Discover tips, strategies, and resources to help you flourish academically and create balance during the end-of-the-quarter chaos. Explore how mindfulness, good sleep hygiene, and self-care practices can make a significant difference in how you manage stress, retain information, and perform on your exams. Learn ways to rest and recharge by making the most out of your spring break, post-finals. Take a deep breath, you got this! 

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Featured Student Story

Stanford Students’ Top 10 Study Spots and Resources

Finals week can be extremely stressful for many which is why our Mental Health and Well-Being interns have curated a list of their favorite study spots and resources to help you prepare. Whether you need extra help reviewing problem sets, editing a paper, practicing a presentation, or even finding a late-night study spot on campus, we’ve got you covered!

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In Focus

Spring into Action: Make the Most of Your Spring Break at Stanford

Who says you need to go on an expensive vacation for an unforgettable spring break? If you find yourself at Stanford during the break, check out our ultimate guide to free activities, personal growth, and beating FOMO. From cultural exploration and outdoor adventures to strategies for embracing solitude and connection, we're turning the campus into your playground.

How is Life Tree(ting) You?

Lights Out: Mastering Sleep Hygiene for a Healthier Mind

Life on campus is full of classes, socializing, and extracurriculars, where sleep often takes a backseat. But did you know that lack of sleep can impact our mood, cognition, and emotional regulation, leaving us stressed, anxious, and unfocused?! Good sleep hygiene is essential for a healthy mind and body. Explore the relationship between sleep and mental health, and begin reclaiming your well-deserved rest.

In the Spotlight

NEW! CAPS Infographic

In an effort to help provide clarity to the services that Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides, the Mental Health and Well-Being Interns from Student Affairs created an infographic, in collaboration with CAPS, to help get you started. This infographic highlights the process to schedule an appointment with CAPS, the services provided, how to access TimelyCare, and offers additional mental health resources at Stanford. 

Tip of the Month

Bring Some Mindfulness to Your March

Heard of mindfulness? Curious about it? Looking to bring this practice into your life? Tried meditation, but felt like you couldn’t do it? This is the article for you! Let’s bust some mindfulness myths, gain clarity on what it means, and learn 5 simple ways to practice mindfulness in your daily life to reduce stress and increase happiness. 

What's Flourishing This Month?

OSE x ASSU x The Flourish hosts

Flower Fridays

Stop by White Plaza this Friday, March 8 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for FREE limited edition notebooks, FREE flowers, and MORE! We look forward to flourishing with you.

Flourish Stories

Share Your Mental Health Journey

Student Affairs and University Communications invites you to share your written story on finding hope, healing, resilience, and joy with your mental health. Selected stories will be displayed as part of our Flourish Stories traveling exhibit. Kindly submit your responses by Wednesday, March 20 for consideration.

Upcoming Events, Programs, and Workshops

(U) = Open to undergraduate students (G) = Open to graduate students (P) = Open to postdocs 

  • Building Resilience: A Group for Graduate BIPOC Women - Express your interest today! CST (Confidential Support Team) is offering a supportive group for those who have experienced sexual and/or relationship violence, sexual harassment, and/or gender-based discrimination, and who want to gain support and build community with others who have experienced something similar. This group is designed specifically for female-identified BIPOC and will include a discussion of how parts of our identities and experiences contribute to how we experience trauma, find meaning, and heal. How to access: Time and location to be determined. Sign up on the interest form. (G)
  • PEDS 116: Peer Education and Campus Culture - Express your interest today! Are you interested in becoming a PEER, connecting with current PEERs, and exploring health and well-being on campus? In this course, you will gain experience in public health, health psychology, sociology, and gender studies. Learn about topics affecting campus life such as substance use, sexual citizenship, and well-being. How to access: This course will take place in Spring 2024. Sessions are in person on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12pm - 1:20pm at Kingscote Gardens Room 101. Express your interest today. (U)
  • Upstander Workshop - Monday, March 4 from 7pm-8pm. Presented by PEERS and the Well House, come learn how you can create a culture of consent within and outside your communities. Get free boba and be entered in a raffle for a chance to win a Sephora gift set and Lululemon belt bag! How to access: This workshop will take place at the Well House (562 Mayfield Avenue). RSVP using this form! (U)
  • CAPS x FLI: Let's Talk Series - Wednesday, March 6 from 3pm-4pm. The final session of the CAPS x FLI: Let’s Talk Series will focus on self-love and belonging. This workshop will explore coping with stress, finding community, and managing emotions. How to access: This group will be in-person at the FLI Student Success Center (Old Union, 2nd floor). Register for this session. Drop-ins are welcome! (U)
  • Honoring Grief and Rage - Wednesday, March 6 from 5:30pm-7pm. Learn about the sacredness of your grief and your rage, and how to honor it with a FLI Well-Being Coach. How to access: This event will take place at the FLISCC (520 Lausen Mall, Room 200). Dinner provided with an RSVP! (U)(G)
  • Mental Health Mixer - Wednesday, March 6 from 6pm-7pm. The NACC and SAIO Wellness presents a low-key chill mixer over dinner and boba. This will be a great time to reflect on well-being, ask questions about mental health, and let them know how they can better support you! How to access: This event will take place at the NACC Lounge. RSVP using this form! (U)(G)
  • The Algorithm: Self-Image Support Space for BIPOC Students - Thursday, March 7 from 11:30am - 1pm. The Algorithm is a space created to collectively explore and celebrate self-image for BIPOC students. This workshop will focus on implicit bias and desirability. How to access: This group will take place via Zoom. Sign up on the interest form to receive the link. (U)(G)
  • WCC Winter Quarter Wellness - Thursday, March 7 from 2pm-5pm. Take a self-care break at the Women's Community Center - make a self-care goodie bag, munch on Antoine's Cookies, and do arts and crafts! How to access: This event will take place at the WCC Lounge. RSVP using this form! (U)(G)
  • Queer Yoga - Thursday, March 7 from 5pm-6pm. Join the Weiland Health Initiative, Well-Being, and YogaX in a queer community space of movement, group discussion and reflection time focused on yoga and life beyond. All bodies and identities are welcome! This class will be for all levels of yoga experience and will provide variations for poses and props to meet ALL body needs. Extra mats, blocks, straps, and blankets will be available to borrow! How to access: This group will be in-person at Kingscote Gardens Room 140. No RSVP is necessary. (U)(G)(P)
  • Practice Well-Being with the PEERS - Friday, March 8 from 12pm-3pm. Learn about Stanford's FREE mental health resources, plus get a FREE journal, flowers, stickers, stationary, snacks, and more! How to access: This event will take place at White Plaza. No RSVP necessary! (U)(G)(P)
  • Cardinal Recovery Self-Care Event - Friday, March 8 from 6pm-9pm. Stressed about finals? Need a break from studying? Join Cardinal Recovery at this week's substance-free event. Face masks, a fun movie, relaxation, and MORE! How to access: This event will take place at Roger's House. RSVP using this form! (U)(G)
  • Cardinal Recovery End of Quarter Dinner - Sunday, March 10 at 5:30pm. Celebrate the end of the quarter with an all-expenses paid trip to FEY restaurant! This is a substance free event. How to access: Meet at Roger's House at 5:30pm for departure. RSVP using this form! (U)(G)
  • Sofa Sessions - Tuesday, March 12 from 5:30pm-6:30pm. This is a gathering for Black students to seek support regarding race-based trauma, critical incidents on campus and/or nationwide, or are in need of connection in the community. How to access: This session will be in person at Kingscote Gardens Room 101 (virtual attendance option is available). Register today! (U)(G)
  • WCC Community Dinner - Friday, March 15 from 5pm-7pm. Take a study break with the Women's Community Center - enjoy Korean bowls for dinner, watch Avatar: The Last Airbender, and make easy bake clay jewelry (and paint it) in community! How to access: This event will take place at the Firetruck House (433 Santa Teresa Street). RSVP for dinner using this form! (U)(G)
  • Films and Floats - Friday, March 15 from 5:30pm-7:30pm. Finals got you stressed? Wind down with the FLISSC before we lock in for finals next Friday. Ice cream floats and popcorn will be provided, while supplies last, including vegan and non-dairy options. Students can submit their movie suggestions on the FLI Instagram. How to access: This event will take place at Old Union, Room 200. (U)(G)
  • Hyperion Winter Wellness - Monday, March 18 from 4pm-6pm. Hyperion will offer a variety of complementary healing services (reiki, massages, tea ceremony and tea leaf reading, and more) to guide you along a wellness journey. This will be a safe space to learn about how different healing modalities can facilitate growth. Campus partners in Wellbeing and the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life will also be present. How to access: This event will take place at Kingscote Gardens. (U)
  • Take a break, paint a rock, grab a coffee! - Tuesday, March 19 from 10am-3pm. Take a moment to relax while painting a rock or just stop by the Branner Earth Sciences Library for free coffee, tea, and snacks. This time we’ll have an origami station too! How to access: This event will take place at Branner Earth Sciences Library (397 Panama Mall). (U)(G)(P)
  • Yoga and Guided Meditation - Mondays to Thursdays from 5:30pm-6:30pm. Join us for weekly opportunities at the CIRCLE to engage with others in the community for meditation and yoga. Sessions are free and open to Stanford affiliates.  Please bring your own yoga mat for yoga sessions. How to access: These sessions will be in person at CIRCLE Sanctuary (Old Union, 3rd floor, Room 308). No pre-registration is required. (U)(G)(P)

For additional upcoming events, check out the Office of Student Engagement

The Flourish

This online publication is your monthly guide to flourishing on the Farm. The Flourish provides you with tips, articles, and resources on key monthly health and wellness topics to support your mental health and well-being.