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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

The Flourish, February 2024

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Redefining Love for You

Roses are red, violets are blue, this month’s edition is focused on YOU! The month of February tends to keep the focus on romantic relationships but have you ever considered how important the relationship with yourself is? Choose YOU this month by redefining what love means to you and discover how you can begin falling in love with yourself. 

This month's edition of The Flourish focuses on the practice of self-love and shares ways to foster a healthy relationship with yourself through routines and habits setting. Learn more about Nutrition Counseling and how they can support you in building a healthy relationship with food. We also explore the power of connection on your mental health, beyond romantic relationships, and offer tips for forming and maintaining connections with ourselves and others. It’s valen-time to flourish!

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Featured Student Story

Cultivating a Healthy Relationship with Food as an Athlete

Our relationship with food is an essential aspect of our well-being but it can be difficult to establish healthy eating habits when we already have so much on our plate! Discover how Jaden, a wrestler at Stanford, built a harmonious relationship with food, catering to his nutritional needs as a busy student and high-performing athlete.

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In Focus

Be Your Own Valentine: Practice Self-Love!

The month of February often keeps the focus on relationships with others, but what about the most important relationship in your life: the one with yourself? Make February the month of (self)-love! Define what it means to love yourself and discover how to treat yourself sweetly this year through the practice of self-love.

How is Life Tree(ting) You?

Nurturing Your Mental Health: The Power of Connections

When we think about caring for our mental health and well-being, we often hear about staying hydrated, eating healthy meals, and getting good sleep, but what about fostering connection? Discover the benefits of connection on mental health and how you can begin fostering relationships that last.

In the Spotlight

Build a Healthy Relationship with Food: Connect with Nutrition Counseling!

We know that food and eating are an essential part of our physical and emotional health, but what does it look like to have a healthy relationship with food? Everyone’s bodies are unique and we each have different nutritional needs. Your relationship with food may look different from those around you and that is okay! A Campus Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN) can help you understand, explore, and build a connection with food that is catered to YOUR nutritional needs.

Tip of the Month

Finding Rhythm for Your Flourishing

Tired of feeling tired? Wish you had more time to care for yourself? Looking to make personal changes, start some new habits, or revive some old ones? Learn tips for building, maintaining, and reviving healthy routines and habits. Plus, read an example of a fellow Stanford student’s morning and nighttime routine to get inspired!

What's Flourishing This Month?

Upcoming Events, Programs, and Workshops

(U) = Open to undergraduate students (G) = Open to graduate students (P) = Open to postdocs 

  • Building Resilience: A Group for Graduate BIPOC Women - Express your interest today! CST (Confidential Support Team) is offering a supportive group for those who have experienced sexual and/or relationship violence, sexual harassment, and/or gender-based discrimination, and who want to gain support and build community with others who have experienced something similar. This group is designed specifically for female-identified BIPOC and will include a discussion of how parts of our identities and experiences contribute to how we experience trauma, find meaning, and heal. How to access: Time and location to be determined. Sign up on the interest form. (G)
  • PEDS 116: Peer Education and Campus Culture - Express your interest today! Are you interested in becoming a PEER, connecting with current PEERs, and exploring health and well-being on campus? In this course, you will gain experience in public health, health psychology, sociology, and gender studies. Learn about topics affecting campus life such as substance use, sexual citizenship, and well-being. How to access: This course will take place in Spring 2024. Sessions are in person on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12pm - 1:20pm at Kingscote Gardens Room 101. Express your interest today. (U)
  • Thriving Thursdays: Nourish to Flourish - Thursday, February 8 from 4pm-6pm. Brought to you by the Asian American Activities (A³C) Center and Well-Being Coaching, this workshop will discuss how to better listen to and feed your body! How to access: This workshop will be in person at the A³C Couchroom. RSVP today! Drop-ins are welcome! (U)
  • Liberating Love Art Workshop - Friday, February 9 from 4pm - 6pm. The WCC (Women’s Community Center) presents the Liberating Love Art Workshop! Redefine what love means to you and your community by engaging with art and others. Embrace love as an act of liberation through sharing your story and hearing from others. How to access: This event will take place at the Women’s Community Center (433 Santa Teresa Street). Light refreshments and art supplies will be provided. Space is limited. RSVP today! (U)(G)(P)
  • High Tea Experience - Saturday, February 10 from 3pm - 5pm. Come to the first-ever high tea experience, hosted by Wellness Buddies. This will be a time to connect over tea & snacks, meaningful conversations, and mini mindfulness practices. How to access: This event will take place at Rogers House (581 Capistrano Way). Tea and snacks will be provided. Space is limited. RSVP today! (U)(G)(P)
  • Get Your Heart Pumping on Valentine's Day - Get active with Stanford Recreation and Wellness (2/14)! Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day by getting active! Join Stanford Recreation and Wellness on Valentine's Day and celebrate all things love with your favorite group class and instructors. How to access: You will need a Cardinal Group Fitness Pass or an EVGR Group Fitness Pass to participate. Explore group classes. (U)(G)(P)
  • Cookies and Coffee for Consent - Wednesday, February 14 from 11am-1pm. Join YWCA @ Stanford, CST (Confidential Support Team), and SHARE (Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Education) for a consent-centered Valentine’s Day event! Celebrate how healthy relationships and consent centered actions are vital to celebrating Valentine’s Day. There will be activities such as heart shaped cookie decorating, potting your own String of Heart plant, writing Valentine’s Day grams, and decorating coloring pages. There is also an opportunity to chat with staff from these different offices to learn more about the resources they provide to the Stanford Community. How to access: This event will take place at Nora Suppes (224 Panama Street). Refreshments such as coffee, cookies and water will be provided. No RSVP is necessary! (U)(G)(P)
  • Hearts and Crafts Night - Wednesday, February 14 from 4:30pm - 6pm. Join GLO (Graduate Life Office) on Valentine’s Day for a sweet-themed session of arts and crafts. Bring your friends and treat yourselves to some goodies and DIY fun! DIY stations include candy bar, cards and crafts, coffee and tea, chocolate strawberries, mini flower bouquets, and friendship bracelets. How to access: This event will take place at EVGR B 144. Supplies will be first come, first-served for graduate students. Please bring your Stanford ID. (G)
  • QT Fund - Applications due Saturday, February 17! The QT Fund was created as a systemic way to support students' lived experiences of being queer/trans/non-binary/lgb2 and address the specific financial hurdles students encounter and burdens they bear when navigating systems of inequity at Stanford and beyond. This fund is designed to financially support students to access gender and sexuality-affirming medical, legal, and mental health services. How to access: Apply for the QT Fund by Saturday, February 17 at 2pm. For questions email Deb Schneider, LCSW at (U)(G)(P)
  • Rooted! Black Graduate Student Support Group - Mondays from 3pm - 4pm (2/19, 2/26). This support group is for Black-identified Stanford graduate students and is designed to be a confidential space for students to speak their minds, build community, rest, connect with themselves, and learn coping skills for managing graduate life at Stanford. How to access: This workshop will be in-person at Counseling and Psychological Services (Vaden Health Center, 2nd floor). Call CAPS at 650.723.3785 or message your therapist at CAPS. (G)
  • FREE Upstander Training - Monday, February 19 from 7pm - 8pm. Sign-up for a FREE Upstander Training facilitated by PEERs and in collaboration with the Well House. Upstanders are individuals who witness a behavior that could lead to something high risk or harmful, and make the choice to intervene. Learn how you can create a culture of consent within and outside your communities. How to access: Upstander Trainings will take place at the Well House (562 Mayfield Avenue). Please note that the Well House is a substance-free residence. Drop-ins are welcome but RSVP helps them know how many snacks and treats to bring. RSVP today! (U)
  • Queer and Empowered Eating: A Queer Take on Listening to Your Inner Wants and Needs - Tuesday, February 20 from 12pm - 1pm. Do you struggle with your relationship with food? Do you feel guilty or restricted when you eat, or confused by the conflicting messages about what's healthy? If so, join us for Queer & Empowered Eating, a workshop that will equip you with the tools you need to develop a sustainable and intentional relationship with food. In this workshop, we'll explore how food and our bodies intersect, and provide techniques for developing a more caring and compassionate approach to food and your body. How to access: This workshop will take place at EVGR B 144. RSVP today! (G)
  • Journeying - Tuesday, February 20 from 4pm-5pm. Brought to you by QSR, CAPS & Weiland, Journeying is a brave space where you can meet, connect, and build community! How to access: These sessions will be in person at QSpot. No RSVP is necessary! (U)(G)(P)
  • CAPS x FLI: Let's Talk Series - Wednesday, February 21 from 3pm-4pm. This series will be focused on building resilience, fostering a sense of belonging, and developing stronger emotional resources. These workshops can teach students how to manage their emotions better and develop healthy habits that promote their well-being. The workshop on Wednesday, February 21 will focus on imposter syndrome. How to access: This group will be in-person at the FLI Student Success Center (Old Union, 2nd floor). Register for this session. Drop-ins are welcome! (U)
  • Anxiety Toolbox Workshop - Multiple dates and times available (2/21, 2/27). Learn how stress and anxiety show up in your body, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, and gain skills to lower anxiety in each area. Increase your ability to manage anxious thoughts and develop skills to recognize the role of systems of oppression and conditioning in anxiety. How to access: Call CAPS at 650.723.3785 or message your therapist at CAPS. (U)(G)
  • Queer Yoga - Thursdays from 5pm-6pm (2/22, 2/29). Join the Weiland Health Initiative, Well-Being, and YogaX in a queer community space of movement, group discussion and reflection time focused on yoga and life beyond. All bodies and identities are welcome! This class will be for all levels of yoga experience and will provide variations for poses and props to meet ALL body needs. Extra mats, blocks, straps, and blankets will be available to borrow! How to access: This group will be in-person at Kingscote Gardens Room 140. No RSVP is necessary. (U)(G)(P)
  • FREE Narcan Training - Monday, February 26 from 7pm - 8pm. Sign-up for FREE Narcan Trainings facilitated by PEERs and in collaboration with the Well House. Learn more about the Opioid Epidemic and walk away with the ability to save a life! How to access: Narcan Trainings will take place at the Well House (562 Mayfield Avenue). Please note that the Well House is a substance-free residence. Drop-ins are welcome but RSVP helps them know how much Narcan to bring. RSVP today! (U)(G)(P)
  • Noontime Music at MemChu and CommuniTEA - Wednesday, February 28 from 12:15pm - 1:15pm. Enjoy a musical performance by University Organist Dr. Robert Huw Morgan in the glowing ambiance of Memorial Church, followed by light refreshments in the Round Room. How to access: This event will take place at Stanford Memorial Church. Recitals are open to all and FREE to attend. No RSVP necessary!
  • Student Grief and Loss Gathering - Wednesday, February 28 at 4pm. If you are currently or have ever experienced the death of a significant person in your life, or are experiencing feelings of grief in a time of uncertainty, this is an opportunity to share your experiences with others in a safe environment. How to access: This session will be in-person at CIRCLE Common Room (Old Union, 3rd floor). No pre-registration is required. (U)(G)(P)
  • The Algorithm: Crossroads of Food, Culture, and Self-Image Workshop - Thursday, February 29 from 11:30am - 1pm. The Algorithm is a space created to collectively explore and celebrate self-image for BIPOC students. This workshop will focus on the crossroads of food, culture, and self-image. How to access: This group will take place via Zoom. Sign up on the interest form to receive the link. (U)(G)
  • Yoga and Guided Meditation - Mondays to Thursdays from 5:30pm-6:30pm. Join us for weekly opportunities at the CIRCLE to engage with others in the community for meditation and yoga. Sessions are free and open to Stanford affiliates.  Please bring your own yoga mat for yoga sessions. How to access: These sessions will be in person at CIRCLE Sanctuary (Old Union, 3rd floor, Room 308). No pre-registration is required. (U)(G)(P)

For additional upcoming events, check out the Office of Student Engagement

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