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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

Frost Music and Arts Festival, 2023, Credit: Nikolas Liepins / Ethography

Task Forces & Committees

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Here are ways students and the university are working together to enhance campus life.

Stanford University Campus and Hoover Tower - Palo Alto, California, USA — Photo by diegograndi / Deposit Photos

Academic Integrity Working Group

The AIWG is charged with addressing a variety of issues related to academic integrity at Stanford University.  It aims to study and understand the causes of academic dishonesty in contemporary settings and to assess the interplay of academic integrity and pedagogical practices both here and elsewhere.  It will ultimately recommend policies and other measures to address these issues. 

 Winter Wonderland, 2024. Credit: Sydney Osifeso

Neighborhoods Task Force

Enhancements to Neighborhood Housing Assignments and Residence Configurations. This Task Force is charged with recommending longer-term changes and enhancements to the neighborhood model that will strike an optimal balance between student choice and community cohesion.

Social Life Accelerator Task Force

Stanford’s long been known for its fun, irreverent, whimsical social scene. Yet it just hasn’t felt as vibrant as it could be. Now, a group of alumni, students, staff and families are getting together to accelerate undergrad social life on The Farm.

Tie-Dye & Snow Cones, 2023. Credit: Sydney Osifeso

Undergraduate Residence Governance Council

Ensuring every student has a rich and meaningful experience during their time in our houses is our collective responsibility. This is why we have systems of shared governance that involve students, faculty, and staff.

The Arbor, 2022. Credit: Micaela Go