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Stanford University Campus and Hoover Tower - Palo Alto, California, USA — Photo by diegograndi / Deposit Photos

Academic Integrity Working Group

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The AIWG is charged with addressing a variety of issues related to academic integrity at Stanford University.  It aims to study and understand the causes of academic dishonesty in contemporary settings and to assess the interplay of academic integrity and pedagogical practices both here and elsewhere.  It will ultimately recommend policies and other measures to address these issues. 


Stanford Proctoring Pilot : Faculty Interest Form

The Stanford Academic Integrity Working Group (AIWG) is currently recruiting faculty who are interested in participating in the proctoring pilot.  Our first cohort of participating instructors/courses will begin in Spring 2024, however, the pilot will continue into AY2024-2025. If you are interested in participating during the next academic year, please fill out the form linked above and we will reach out over the summer! 

Chem 141 in STLC, 2023. Credit: Micaela Go
Main quad, 2023. Credit: Andrew Brodhead

AIWG Background

In June, 2023, the Office of the President granted final approval to the recommendations of the Committee of 12, including revisions to the Honor Code and a mandate for the creation of the Academic Integrity Working Group (AIWG).

Hume Center for Writing and Speaking. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

AIWG Charge

The AIWG was tasked with its mission by the same university entities responsible for the Committee of 12. These include the Board on Conduct Affairs, the Undergraduate Senate, the Graduate Student Council, the Senate of the Academic Council, and the Office of the President.


United States Stanford university aerial view — Photo by topphoto / Deposit Photos

Student Affairs & The AIWG

Student Affairs does not unilaterally direct or control the Academic Integrity Working Group (AIWG) or its processes. Instead, Student Affairs' role is to offer resources for project management and to facilitate the procurement of an unbiased external consulting group to support the proctoring pilot. Student Affairs maintains a neutral & objective position and does not attempt to influence AIWG operations.