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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

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Fostering a Culture of Well-Being

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To flourish is to thrive. Though the process and steps are unique for each individual, our aim is to provide a holistic lens of well-being and the tools necessary for our students to experience a sense of belonging, self-acceptance, authentic relationships, accomplishment and competence, positive emotions, and purpose and meaning at Stanford and beyond.


The Flourish

This online publication promotes Stanford students and their well-being by providing tips and articles on key monthly health and wellness topics to support student flourishing. Students can also find mental health and wellness resources, events, programs, and workshops to improve student well-being.

Busy Stanford Dish trail with hikers wearing facemasks during Covid-19. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

Wellness Checklist

This wellness checklist was created to guide students as they prepared logistically and emotionally to their transition to the Stanford campus during the pandemic. Stanford mental health and well-being resources are shared on the other side of the handout to help students find additional support.

5 Ways to Cope With Election Stress

5 Ways to Cope With Election Stress

This handout was created to provide students with tips for practicing self-care during the 2020 election. Campus resources were included on the bottom of the handout for additional support.

Under the guidance of Bina Pulkit Patel, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) has expanded the range of services available to students. (Image credit: Colin Campbell)

Stanford Report: With donor gifts, Stanford expands efforts to address student mental health and well-being

This article highlights recent philanthropic gifts to expand the mental health and well-being resources available to Stanford undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students in a meaningful way.

Loneliness & Connection graphic detail

Stanford Report: New site offers help for feelings of loneliness and isolation

This article showcases a new website created by Student Affairs staff members to explore what it means to feel isolated versus connected, and offers resources for dealing with feelings of loneliness.

Tile image featuring two students at the Claw.

Stanford Report: New mental health resource guides

This article introduces a new, easy-to-use website, poster, and wallet-sized resource card that offers information on the many different mental health resources available to Stanford students.

Junior Gala 2022. Credit: Unknown