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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

Ice Cream Social, 2022. Credit: Micaela Go

Supporting Student Mental Health

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The challenges of today’s world have increased our attention on student mental health. We continuously seek ways to improve the trajectory of our students by helping them to identify, address, and manage their emotions in addition to finding support among Stanford’s many communities. Most importantly, we continue to remind students that they are not alone in their journey.



We are pleased to showcase the following initiatives that were developed by the Student Affairs Communication Team in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to offer guidance and support to students during this challenging time. We offer colorful, timely, and easily digestible information displayed through infographics, print and digital materials, and social media postings. Students were involved in many of these initiatives, whether through the design phase or providing feedback throughout the process. 

Mental Health Resources at Stanford Website

We know that students will experience new and unexpected challenges during their time at Stanford. Here, students can find a gradation of mental health resources to help them navigate these times.

Too Busy Flourishing, 2023. Credit: Nikolas Liepins / Ethography

Mental Health Resources at Stanford Materials

Posters and wallet-sized cards were created as companion pieces to the new Mental Health Resources at Stanford website. These materials provide just-in-time mental health resources to students and were distributed among our campus partners to share at events and gatherings.

Spring Fest, 2023. Credit: Nikolas Liepins/Ethography

Trees Together, Transition Together

Whether it is the first time a student steps foot on the Farm or they are returning to a campus that feels familiar, yet different at the same time, our hope is that this website will offer resources and tips to support their transition to Stanford.

Tile image featuring the words 'Loneliness & Connection' overlaid onto a blurred image of green grass blowing in the wind.

Loneliness & Connection

Loneliness and social isolation have been top of mind for many of us during the pandemic. This website was created to help students better understand the interplay of isolation and connectedness, put words to and normalize what they might be feeling and experiencing, and provide resources to build resilience.

Illustration of men and women in different styles. Credit: @angelinabambina, via Freepik

CAPS: Seeking Mental Health Support at Stanford

This infographic was initiated by an ASSU Senator and created in partnership with ASSU, CAPS, and Student Affairs to clarify the CAPS intake process for students. CAPS staff refer to this infographic upon intake with students.

Rachel Koo, Jasmin Lopez Tang Dalsgaard and Logan Welch. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /