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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Mental Health Resources at Stanford

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This website is your go-to hub for navigating the many mental health and well-being resources at Stanford. Whether you are seeking advice to establish your self-care routine, looking for ways to manage stress or mental health symptoms, tips to help a friend, someone supportive to talk to, or anything in between, you are not alone. Professional staff and your peers are ready to support you, regardless of what point you are in your mental health and well-being journey.

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Get Immediate Help Now

Just like the seasons change, so will the support you may need. Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

Take Care of Yourself & Each Other

By prioritizing self-care, we increase our capacity and resilience to navigate and overcome stressful or challenging situations. Establishing self-care strategies can help you prepare for and anticipate the chaos that the quarter can bring.

Reach Out to Your Peers

Whether you are looking for casual advice or guidance, know there are individuals in our community eager and ready to help you, some of these being your friends and/or peers- many who have experienced similar situations as  you. Peer support may be a good first step to sharing your struggles and identifying what support you may need.

Utilize Campus Resources

When you find yourself needing extra support managing your mental health and well-being, know there are many great resources at Stanford. All of the professional resources can teach you skills and fill your toolkit with ways to promote your mental health and well-being.

Find Your Community

When finding our ways of well-being, identity-based communities can be a source of deep connection and healing. These community spaces, along with the support of trained mental health professionals, strive to provide us with the warmth and care we need to flourish, at Stanford and into the future.

Seek Professional Help at Stanford

There will be times here that you feel so challenged or overwhelmed that you need the warm support of professional help. Remember, you are not alone in these difficult times, and professionals from these resources are committed to helping you work through whatever you are struggling with.

Emergency Services & Non-Stanford Crisis Hotlines

If you or someone you know is in crisis and in need of immediate support call 911. Trained professionals from non-Stanford affiliated emergency services and crisis hotlines can assist individuals who are struggling with challenging life circumstances or intrusive thoughts or feelings.

Life Threatening Emergencies & Immediate Support

If you or someone you know is in crisis, in need of immediate emergency support, or has a life-threatening emergency: Call 911 (or 9-911 from an on-campus phone) for immediate help or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

The Flourish

This online publication is your monthly guide to flourishing on the Farm. The Flourish provides you with tips, articles, and resources on key monthly health and wellness topics to support your mental health and well-being.

Mental Health Resources at Stanford Printed Materials

Request printed Mental Health Resources at Stanford posters and/or resource cards.