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COVID-19 Guidance for Students

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Current COVID-19 Policies

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Surveillance Testing Required for All 

All students living on campus or coming to campus who are vaccinated will be required to register and test weekly using Color Genomics. Students who are not vaccinated will be required to register and test two times a week using Color Genomics.  

More information on testing for undergraduate students and graduate and professional students can be found here.

Face Coverings are Required for All

All Stanford students are required to wear face coverings in indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status.

Vaccinations Required for All

All students coming to campus in the fall are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. If you missed the deadline to upload your COVID-19 vaccination documentation, Vaden Health Services will place a hold on your Axess account that will prevent you from registering for fall quarter classes.

Please upload your COVID-19 vaccination documentation immediately to the VadenPatient portal if you have not already done so. Specific questions related to your individual circumstances may be submitted here.

Entry Testing Required for All New Arrivals

All students living on campus, living in university provided off-campus student housing, or coming to campus frequently, except those who have been living on campus or have been living in the area and coming to campus frequently this summer, are required to complete entry testing (testing upon arrival on campus) with Color Genomics. Testing should be completed on Day 0 (the day you arrive on campus) and Day 5. 

Restricted Activity Required for Some New Arrivals

Unvaccinated international students and other unvaccinated students traveling to campus from international locations should arrive 7 days before in-person activities to complete entry testing, vaccination, and a period of restricted activity.

Indoor student org gatherings permitted beginning October 8

Registered in-person gatherings and parties hosted by Undergraduate VSOs, FSL, and residential groups in undergraduate dorms and all Row houses will be permitted outdoors beginning Friday, October 1, and permitted indoors beginning Friday, October 8 (may extend beyond Oct. 8 depending on prevalence of COVID in the community). 


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What will happen if a student is not in compliance with the university’s expectations around COVID?

Students are expected to follow all university public health requirements, which are university policies subject to accountability processes administered through the Dean of Students office as articulated in the Residence Agreement, Fundamental Standard and Office of Community Standards policies.

Students who do not follow the university's expectations will be held accountable, starting with educational interventions through the GLO office and ResEd.  If students continue to be non-compliant, they will be held accountable through the Dean of Students or the Office of Community Standards. When necessary, immediate actions will be taken to keep the community safe.